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Trionis - A Single Connection to the World

Trionis provides interbank payment card switching within the Single Euro Payments Area and beyond.

The European payments market is in a state of constant change. Increasingly acquirers are looking to process transactions cross-border; issuing banks have card customers in more than one country, and retailers are looking for card acceptance solutions that are cost-effective for all their outlets, irrespective of country location.

In response to this changing environment, First Data has joined together with EUFISERV's fifteen shareholders to offer services to assist clients with their obligations under SEPA by providing interbank payment card switching within the Single Euro Payments Area and beyond, under the name Trionis.

Trionis has been created with the intention of providing a new option for financial institutions across Europe by expanding and developing the European interbank processing network, formerly operated under the name EUFISERV.

The Trionis Network will provide extensive European coverage as the company plans to link the former EUFISERV network with First Data's network which could enable access to in excess of 74,000 ATMs, 1.5 million point of sale terminals and 165 million card accounts across Europe.

Increased choice from a truly European business

Trionis is based in Brussels, with a European management team who understand the market dynamics and complexities within Europe and who are able to deliver the quality, reliability and cost effective services required by our clients across the cards payments industry.

In full support of the vision of a single European payments market, the Trionis interbank processing network will expand the choice available to financial and payment organisations wishing to process transactions within the SEPA zone or outside of SEPA.

Whether you are looking to manage scheme compliance costs in your local market; link to other banks for switching of interbank cross border and domestic transactions; consolidate multi-country operations to a single point; or, grow your existing business in the new SEPA environment through linking to other domestic schemes, Trionis has the infrastructure, knowledge and experience to deliver the services that meet your requirements.

Trionis provides interbank switching of point of sale (POS) and automated teller machine (ATM) transactions, including authorisation, clearing, settlement and value-added services to payment card issuers, acquirers and payment schemes.

Trionis is independent of all card schemes thus allowing our processing services to support all card brands and to be completely brand neutral. This gives our clients a completely open and balanced choice.

As Trionis can support switch processing for all card brands, our clients have the opportunity to process all their interbank and ATM and POS transactions through a single service provider. This allows our clients to minimise their investments and running costs and also to achieve economies of scale. Furthermore, we operate one of the few brand neutral, multicountry, multi-currency, single message switching systems in the European market.

ATM Interbank switching on the Trionis network

  • Enables acquirers and issuers to exchange ATM and manual cash transactions
  • Designed to support SCF compliant schemes
  • Supports both single message and dual message systems

POS Interbank switching on the Trionis network

  • Enables acquirers and issuers to exchange a full range of POS transactions
  • Designed to support SCF compliant schemes as well as inter-scheme agreements
  • Supports both single message and dual message systems

Bilateral switching on the Trionis network

  • Assists acquirers, issuers and schemes to achieve SEPA compliance
  • Supports a wide range of services for ATM and POS transactions
  • Enables increased control over the quality and level of features offered to cardholders

Gateway services available through the Trionis network

  • Enable acquirers and issuers to link to International Card Schemes
  • Reduce the cost of compliance to acquirers and issuers
  • Support both single message and dual message systems
  • Simple to set up, providing rapid access to potential new markets

Trionis cvba/scrl
Maria Theresiastraat 11/1 Rue Marie-Thérèse
1000 Brussels Belgium

Tel: +32 2 663 0238