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IdentAlink - Identity Management and Security Software

IdentAlink has designed and built a comprehensive identity management solution including biometrics, public key infrastructure, digital signature, high level encryption, and many other features. This solution is designed to give an enterprise a reliable, easy to install and operate system for physical access control and IT security together with significant cost savings.

IdentAlink's server software, BioPassport Enterprise Server (BPES), is multi-modal, platform independent and can be installed on existing IT systems (Windows, Linux, Novell, Unix) without the need for additional hardware other than biometric sensors. It becomes an embedded part of an enterprise's IT infrastructure. It is hardware independent and can work with any finger sensor, web cam, iris or other sensing device. The client modules have been ported onto DSPs for use in physical access applications.

Enterprise security software application

BPES is a comprehensive enterprise security software application, using biometric technologies (Finger, Iris, Facial Recognition, Palm Recognition or other available biometric technologies) together with encryption, public key infrastructure and digital signature to secure files/folders and any physical or IT (logical) access.

Document and communication security

Identity theft is a well known problem, as well as how individuals lose, forget, lend or borrow PINs and passwords or otherwise compromise them. Biometric technology can overcome these problems for logical and physical access, as well as document and communication security. No more need for passwords or PINs, just a quick and simple biometric verification.

BioPassport enterprise server is unique because it is:

  • Fully integrated into Microsoft active directory (not affected by automatic updates when MS updates)
  • Hardware independent (will utilise whichever biometric scanner or camera is preferred - as long as international standards are adhered to)
  • Unique enterprise solution (one IT manager / team can control unlimited domains / users globally from one location using the Java version of BioPassport Enterprise Server)

Networkable and standalone in one client - biometric technologies can be combined for security reasons.

It provides:

  • Secure access (both physical access control to buildings, floors and office suites as required and to the entire IT structure, including proprietary application software, websites, etc.) It can link to any existing or desired time and attendance solution
  • Secure communications and documents (encrypts and digitally signs emails, attachments or any desired documents or files, with only a simple biometric verification)

The benefits of BioPassport Enterprise Server

  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Massive cost savings
  • Control of fraud (extensive log files)
  • No need for passwords or PINs to remember, RFID chips to carry, or PIN generating devices needed

Confidential communication and documentation requirements

Who should adopt this technology?

Banks (internally and externally including for on-line banking), governments, ministries and local authorities. All organisations or companies with confidential communication or documentation requirements or other physical or logical security or time and attendance needs.

How long to install?

To install and train a team of IT managers should take less than a week. Deployment depends on your company's resources and complexity and should be done internally.


If this unique software could be attractive to you we suggest a trial involving up to 20 users to establish how simple, effective and easy it is to use.

What does it cost?

The cost of managing existing passwords, Pins, chip and PINs, PINsentry, RFID cards, etc. will far exceed the cost of BPES. We anticipate a one year pay back will easily be achieved. This issue will become even more critical once the EEC decide on new data protection act changes such as requiring the frequent change of alphanumeric passwords for firms handling client data. Biologon never needs changing once a user is enrolled on your server. In addition we anticipate a massive saving on fraud and a huge increase in security.

IdentAlink Limited
15 Lisgar Terrace
London W14 8SJ

Tel: +44 (0)207 602 6982
Tel: +44 (0)7836 599492
info@identalink.de (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it)