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GMC Software Technology - Customer Communcations

GMC provides a communications platform for finance and banking enterprises with solutions delivering personalised, compliant communications that seamlessly integrate with enterprise processes and systems for improved customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention.

Taking customer communication to a new level

Whatever your financial market or strategy, customer communications are essential to building customer relationships. The role documents play in your business strategy can never be underestimated.

As traditional statements, confirms and other transactional documents are transformed into customer-centric communication tools, departments across the enterprise are looking for ways to streamline processes and improve results:

  • Marketing professionals want to enhance customer communications with colour, relevant messaging, variable images, and consistent branding, as well as to measure marketing ROI
  • CRM professionals want integrated communications to give customers a unified experience
  • IT directors want problem-free implementation, reliable execution and constant data security
  • Operations executives face the dual challenges of managing print out-sourcing and design in-sourcing
  • CFOs are challenged by implementation costs and operational demands

Opportunities offered by the GMC platform

Regulatory hurdles, market fragmentation, demanding clients and intensified competition further complicate matters. Financial services professionals can rely on GMC's platform to keep data-driven documents accessible, practical, compliant and relevant. GMC offers a better way to:

  • Personalise marketing campaigns
  • Integrate with existing processes
  • Automate without increasing your IT burden
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance
  • Provide reliable access to content
  • Deliver a unified customer experience

Customer Communications

Statements and notifications are tangible products that are regularly seen by your customers. There are many innovative ways to get more value out of these important customer touch points. GMC can help you with every one, providing options to:

  • Add personalised messages to transactional documents, allowing you to leverage a 'must read' communication for more value
  • Capture greater market share through compelling direct mail communications
  • Cross-sell additional services to existing customers, driving increased revenue share per client
  • Collect feedback on campaign success quickly and efficiently through integration with scanning and forms recognition

Personalised content for multi-channel delivery

Relevant communications increase customer loyalty and boost response. GMC helps you to create personalised content through easy data setup, automated message placement and white space management and makes localisation simpler with automated translation.

Colourful graphics, tables, charts and dynamic messaging increase the impact of your communications, making them easier to understand. Rapid development of data-driven content means reduced time to market. Continue using your existing Quark or InDesign applications, design once and use the same document for all your delivery channels. GMC makes it easy to create multi-channel campaigns that increase customer loyalty and response rates. Content is converted on demand and delivered via the preferred method - print, email, web or mobile.

Benefits of GMC for retail banking

Banks are investing in customer relationship management (CRM) to build long-term client loyalty, but fragmented banking services and upheavals due to acquisitions and mergers can make this difficult. Additionally, banks want greater control over printed materials being used in branch banks to ensure consistency of messaging and brand integrity.

By implementing an electronic storefront, branch banks can easily order approved marketing and business materials. Client sales efforts can be augmented by multi-channel marketing campaigns to ensure the most effective client communications possible. To the extent these programmes can draw data directly from bank CRM systems, they will be even more effective.

GMC offers a single platform to consolidate print and electronic documents for better service, streamlined communication and fast response to market changes, which can easily be integrated with enterprise systems such as CRM. It also offers transpromo communications for incorporating marketing messages in transactional documents such as account statements.

Application in wealth management services

The number of affluent individuals throughout the world continues to climb. Financial service firms are acting to capitalise on the opportunity to provide new advisory services to them, including:

  • Counsel on liabilities
  • Alternative investments
  • Tax and estate strategies
  • Insurance

GMC helps you deliver highly personalised services, while maintaining the highest standards for quality, security and consistency. This includes the ability to deliver personalised reports and statements, as well as technologies for enabling two-way exchange of information using a variety of communications channels that facilitate a holistic view of clients as their life needs change.

Advantages for retirement services

Retirees, as well as those approaching retirement, are looking for advice on better managing their retirement portfolios, giving retirement services providers the opportunity to cross-market additional products and services. In this highly competitive space, providers with the most service flexibility gain advantages. This means providing access to online services, producing effective communications that help recipients understand their financial picture, and leveraging monthly or quarterly statements to market additional products and services.

GMC Communication Platform can help banks to deploy an integrated business communications strategy that consolidates a client's activity across a broad range of services in a single statement, and by providing marketing messages that take the entire relationship into consideration to increase their relevancy.

Innovative credit card services with GMC

As more individuals block unsolicited direct mail and complaints about credit card offers and cash balance transfer checks rise, credit card providers are seeking more efficient means of communicating with customers. 95% of transactional documents, such as bills and statements, are brought into the home, opened and read, compared to 7% of direct mailings. Recipients spend an average of one to three minutes with these documents and often pick them up multiple times, which makes them an ideal marketing platform for credit card providers. Additionally, by incorporating third-party offers, the cost of statements can even be partially or fully offset by revenue generated from white space ad sales.

GMC Software Technology

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