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Emedia Plus - Purchasing and Supplying Tape Media for IT Applications

Emedia Plus (UK) is a young British company specialising in the purchase and supply of tape media for IT applications. Emedia Plus will purchase your old tape media, supply certified tape media or new tape media depending on your requirements. All tape formats and types can be supplied at significantly reduced cost.

At the end of its useful life, nearly all tape media is shredded or crushed and the residue is put into landfill. This is partly due to concerns that the tape may still hold important data and proper disposal is required but, until now, there has been no effective recycling or re-use to provide an alternative. This means that all tape purchased each year, which amounts to millions of units, will be dumped.

What is even more criminal is that many millions of tapes are written once, read once or twice and after the retention policy expires, the tapes are shredded even though a tape cartridge is designed to handle up to 30,000 read/write cycles.

Emedia Plus UK is the first company to provide an alternative, which is environmentally sound, cuts the cost of tape usage significantly and reduces the amount of new tape consumed through re-use. Quality is not sacrificed as all recertified tapes pass a stringent nine-stage process before being re-used.

Tape disposal, tape buy-back and tape storage

Emedia Plus offer the following services to all customers – small or large:

1. Through the supply of new or recertified media, Emedia Plus will significantly reduce the cost of tape acquisition by up to 50%
2. To cut the cost of tape disposal through tape buy-back offers that includes data eradication and certification. No tape material ends up in landfill. Tape is either re-used or recycled. Buy-back schemes offer credits towards either new tape or recertified tape
3. Audits to understand tape media usage across backup and archive. New tape should be used for backup but recertified media can be used for archive which reduces new tape costs dramatically
4. To provide migration of data from any media type to any media type. Media Management programmes require migration of data from legacy formats to current formats. In some cases this can be a cost neutral exercise
5. Duplication, relocation services and tape storage services that use local resources that reduce the cost of tape storage significantly

We can provide any tape media including all of the LTO-x range, DLT and SDLT, etc. and all new media comes with the manufacturers guarantees. We can supply tape formats from IBM, StorageTek, Sony, etc as well as DAT, QIC and Travan. We also provide cleaning cartridges, labels and any ancillary components.

Emedia Plus (UK) Ltd
37, Monterey Drive, Locks Heath
SO31 6NW

Tel: +44 (0) 845 528 0405
Fax: +44 (0) 845 528 0406