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Dyadem - Operational Risk Management and Quality Risk Management Solutions

Dyadem is the market leader in Operational Risk Management and Quality Risk Management solutions. Dyadem provides software and services that empower companies to discover and manage the risks to people and products in the design and manufacturing processes.

Dyadem helps some of the world's largest companies achieve regulatory compliance and business continuity, serving the oil and gas, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, electronics and aerospace and defense industries.

Combining deep industry and business process expertise with industry-leading software solutions, Dyadem is able to provide a wide scope of operational and quality risk solutions. Its quality risk management solutions enable companies to develop and deliver reliable products faster and at less cost than the competition, while its operational risk management solutions ensure employee and environmental safety, regulatory compliance, and an overall reduction in the latent risks that permeate most process manufacturing facilities.

Dyadem's mission is to ensure customers meet their quality targets, achieve the lowest levels of risk and the highest levels of safety. In its more than 15 years collaborating with leaders in various industry sectors, Dyadem has developed innovative solutions that were designed specifically for risk management. Dyadem solutions have helped many Global 1000 companies optimize business processes, increase productivity, ensure business continuity and reduce costs.

Operational and quality risk management

Operational and quality risk management are enterprise approaches to risk that address the core causes of failures – knowledge management and communication. A company's ability to control risk is only as good as its ability to identify its top risks. Too often, information about potential risks and quality defects is kept in departmental and geographical silos and in different systems that cannot connect to one another. This not only limits the ability of the company to prioritise its risks but also can impact employee and consumer health and safety.

Operational and quality risk management extend beyond risk assessments. In order to achieve operational excellence, there must be a continuous improvement approach to quality and safety that encompasses risk identification, measurement, mitigation and communication.

Industry averages attribute 15-30% of revenue to the cost of poor quality – rework, recalls, scrap, extra personnel in quality control and customer relations, extra personnel in supply chain management. Dyadem's solutions provide a quantifiable cost saving and significant return on investment.

Where companies manufacture products with quality goals or present risk to the environment or personnel, they look to Dyadem for expert guidance. For more than 10 years, Dyadem has led the market in operational risk management and quality risk management solutions for key vertical industries.

Dyadem helps companies in heavily regulated industries more easily and efficiently comply with industry regulations and adopt industry standards for achieving high quality and safe manufacturing processes.

Without insight and visibility into their processes, many companies have a hasty, reactive approach to risk management that compromises their ability not only to deliver quality products and services but also to identify and invest in the most prudent areas for risk reduction. A central knowledge base for risk management provides a single location where lessons learned and best practices that are captured in one location can be found and applied by other facilities with similar issues.

Companies often find themselves focusing on conformance to industry regulations and standards, rather than the performance of their risk management processes. This compromises the most common goals of risk management: environmental protection, health and safety, loss prevention, product recalls, customer satisfaction, business continuity, and effective selection of projects and investments.

Experts in design and manufacturing processes

Dyadem services and training empower companies to discover and manage the risks to people and products in the design and manufacturing processes. Its experts help companies across every industry ensure that quality is built into its processes and products from start to finish.

Dyadem training courses provide up-to-date techniques and interactive workshops on Dyadem software, and various risk management and quality management methodologies. Dyadem can also help companies design and deploy solutions for its enterprise risk management solution stature, which provides collaboration, knowledge sharing, global risk visibility and an integrated platform for managing risk.


155 Gordon Baker Road
Suite 401
M2H 3N5
Tel: +1 416 649 9200
Email: sales@dyadem.com
Web: www.dyadem.com