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BBP - Comprehensive Outsourcing for Interbank Services, Compliance and Reconciliation

BBP is a software house specialised in the integration of interbank applications and has earned an excellent reputation in the banking industry.

Our product range includes the IGTplus interbank gateway software developed by BBP and encompasses system solutions for the interbank applications SWIFT (FIN, FileAct, InterAct), SIC, euroSIC, SECOM, SWX, virt-x and FIX-Protocol as well as integration modules for host connections (APIs) and authentication devices.

In addition BBP operates an interbank service bureau, which provides banks access to SWIFT, SIC, euroSIC, SECOM, virt-x and brokers as well as to value added services for transaction filtering and reconciliation (Corona). With more than 200 customers from over 30 countries and an average above 100,000 SWIFT messages each day, we operate the world’s number one SWIFT service bureau.

SWIFT messaging and support services

BBP ServiceBureau offers SWIFT messaging and support services to clients. Our range of services incorporates the robust and intuitive IGTplus software, bullet-proof operation and failover, professional services and ongoing support that have been honed through more than 15 years' experience providing similar services to financial services clients ranging in size and complexity from global to local banks. The offering comprises four key components:

  • IGTplus, our industry-leading SWIFT messaging and gateway solution, which provides service-bureau messaging for more than 150 clients and in-house messaging services for an additional 30 clients
  • Experienced on-board team for initial setup, implementation, training and integration, providing detailed instructions and support for all aspects of the process from SWIFT forms and agreements to 'go live' support
  • 24/7 helpdesk and hotline for rapid resolution of client operational issues and questions
  • Full SWIFT approval - the BBP ServiceBureau completely fulfils requirements set down by the SWIFT ServiceBureau policy and our own user-friendly and high-performance SWIFT interface, SWIFT IGTplus, is officially certified by SWIFT

IGTplus - SWIFT messaging and gateway software

BBP provides SWIFT messaging capability using its IGTplus software solution. IGTplus runs at our data centre in Zurich, Switzerland. The software is accessible to clients using their choice of highly secure leased line, ISDN dial-up or internet connectivity options. Implementation and cutover at the client site is a simple process, especially for those clients without integration needs to their back-office systems.

The IGTplus branded software is highly intuitive with an abbreviated learning curve for new operators. Privileges are controlled by the operator, with simple user classes, or they may be individualised for specific operators.

Reconciliation of cash and securities and transaction filtering are available as add-on services. Scanning and filtering is performed for all inbound and outbound traffic, with each client able to establish single, double or triple-release procedures according to thresholds and their specific needs. OFAC, Worldcheck and other lists are in production today; adding additional lists is always possible.

IGTplus incorporates comprehensive messaging and management functions. In addition to a single client using a single SWIFT BIC code, a client may have multiple sites under one BIC code – or multiple clients may use one BIC code. Manual message creation and repair/release rules may be established under a variety of criteria, and integration with the client's back office systems can be quickly accomplished using BBP's proprietary tools and techniques.

IGTplus supports all SWIFT messaging services:

  • SWIFT Fin
  • SWIFT FileAct
  • SWIFT InterAct
  • SWIFT Browse

The BBP data centre

BBP's production data centre is co-located with the Swiss Interbank Clearing of the Swiss National Bank in the high security zone computing centre SIX facility in Zurich, Switzerland. The BBP backup facility is also shared with the Swiss National Bank at SIX backup centre. Data is secured through online-mirroring between the production and backup data centre. The data centre and the IGTplus software have been structured for 'lights out' operation. Availability approaches 99.9% and all audit-related data is recorded and archived.

The operating procedures and controls imposed at the data centre are in full compliance with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA Guidelines and are reviewed periodically by third party experts. SWIFT performs regular audits to award certification and outside audits are performed for the company by KPMG; these are similar in scope to SAS 70 audits.

contact BBP

Bahnhofstrasse 28
CH-5401 Baden
T: +41 56 203 9630
F: +41 56 203 9696